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DAC - Region D Advisory Committee
DAC - Region D Advisory Committee DAC - Region D Advisory Committee

About the DAC

What is the DAC?

The Region D DMERC Advisory Committee (DAC), also known as the Medicare Jurisdiction D DME MAC Advisory Committee (DAC) is a nonprofit volunteer organization comprised of HME providers, state and national associations, manufacturer supporters, and industry consultants. All providers, whether or not they belong to state or national associations, are welcome to participate. The primary function of the DAC is to serve as a communications vehicle between the home medical equipment (HME) industry, Noridian Administrative Services, the Jurisdiction D DME MAC, and CEDI the Common Electronic Data Interchange.

The DAC was formed to provide members within the 17 states of the Jurisdiction D DME MAC area, as well as manufacturer supporters, national and state associations the forum to liaison directly with the DME MAC and CEDI staff.  Each DAC Member serves as a voting member on the DAC.


How Does This Process Work?

The DAC meets on a quarterly basis with Noridian Administrative Services and CEDI to address key issues from throughout the Jurisdiction. Prior to these meetings the DAC, through work groups known as A-Teams, identifies concerns among providers and consolidates these issues into a format that allows for a productive proactive resolution.

Four times a year the Combined Councils of Region B, C, and D meet via teleconference and bring forth any issues or concerns they or the incdividual teams have experienced.  These questions are discussed as a group and if resolution is still needed they are submited to the MAC's in writing where a response is provided to the Councils.

What are A-Teams?

An integral part of the DAC is the A-Teams. The A-Teams are made up of volunteers who practice in the specialty area of the A-Team and have significant knowledge of Medicare policies and billing practices. Each team identifies key issues involving claims processing problems relative to their specialty category. Once these issues are identified, team members work together to collect data necessary to effectively present the issue(s) to Noridian HealthCare Solutions, the DME MAC, and CEDI.

Once data is collected, the teams prioritize the issues and present them to the DAC Executive Committee by a predetermined date. The Executive Committee identifies the most urgent issues for inclusion on the DAC's quarterly question set to Noridian HealthCare Solutions and CEDI. Noridian and CEDI will then respond to the DAC's questions in writing prior to our meeting.

The A-Teams will meet twice yearly at the Medtrade East and West shows with the DAC and will have frequent conference calls to review reimbursement and policy issues and their possible solutions.

How Can I Join An A-Team?

Interested parties can nominate themselves for an A-Team position. You can submit your nomination in one of three ways; contact the appropriate A-Team Leader; contact an Executive Committee member; or contact the DAC administrative office. Contact information for the Executive Committee, A Team Leaders and the Administrative Office are provided on this web site.


Current DAC A-Teams include:

Common Electronic Data Interchange (CEDI/EMC),


Home Medical Equipment (HME)

Enteral/Parenteral Nutrition/IV Therapy

Ostomy, Urological and Medical Supplies/Wound Care

National Supplier Clearinghouse (NSC)

Orthotics and Prosthetics (O&P)


Oxygen/CPAP and Respiratory


What is the Purpose of the DAC?

The purpose of the DAC is to address key issues from throughout the region and to consolidate these issues into a format that promotes a productive effort towards reaching a resolution.